About the Programme

The Girls Go Tech (GGT) Programme aims to encourage underprivileged secondary school girls to purse traditionally male-dominated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related subjects to maximise their future career options. The Programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase participants’ skills and knowledge in STEM, particularly coding and digital literacy
  • Inspire interest and confidence in STEM through engaging learning opportunities
  • Challenge the harmful stereotype that girls are less suited for STEM subjects than boys

In 2015, GGT School Programme launched as a year-long school-based programme to benefit F.1-F.2 students from underprivileged backgrounds, which was expanded to include a programme for alumni in 2019. The GGT Alumni Programme included a tailor-made online platform alongside real-life activities with the aim to sustain and further develop participants’ interest in STEM.

In 2020, the GGT School and Alumni Programmes were combined to form the Girls Go Tech Programme to benefit more female secondary school students in F.3-F.6 from schools that serve a proportion of students from underprivileged backgrounds. In addition to supporting the development of participants’ skills and education, the Programme serves as a hub of STEM education for teachers, corporates and related stakeholders to share resources and exchange ideas.  


The Programme contributes to building a pipeline of female STEM talent through enabling GGT participants to expand their skills and knowledge in coding or STEM-related initiatives on an online platform at their own pace, and learn how technology is used in the different industries through real-life activities. 

The Programme also provides an ideal platform to drive conversations on STEM education among different stakeholders in the education and commercial sectors.  Teachers have access to best practices in STEM education and can exchange curricula and teaching experiences. Corporates gain access to communities in need, by leveraging their resources to support STEM education.

For details, please go to the Girls Go Tech Platform: www.ggthk.org/stem_hub/

Interested in sponsoring our GGT Programme? Please email development@twfhk.org.

Girls Go Tech Programme

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