TWF commissioned an independent study to evaluate the impact of the Programme on participants. Conducted by the Social Work Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the evaluation found that an overwhelming majority of the participants rated both the Programme and the performance of the instructors positively, and participants experienced substantial and sustainable improvements in their self-esteem, finding meaning in their lives, social adaptability, financial management, and critical thinking. To read the full report:

. 2014-15 report, please click here

. 2013-14 report, please click here

. 2012-13 report, please click here  


Two additional pieces of psychological research commissioned by TWF and conducted by Professor Samuel M.Y. Ho, Dannii Yeung and Christine W.Y. Mak from the City University of Hong Kong validated our decision to incorporate elements of positive psychology into the programme.

  • The first study found that students with high levels of hope or students that value maintaining relationships demonstrate a greater tendency to re-frame a situation in a more positive light, which is proven to promote better psychosocial well-being.  To read the full report, please click here.
  • The second study’s results demonstrate the importance of interventions to reduce negative attentional bias and increase positive attentional bias in children and adolescents. To read the report abstract on the British Journal of Psychology 2016, please click here





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