Testimonials from Partner Schools and individuals reflect the positive impact and achievements of the Life Skills Programme.

On December 6, 2013, TWF was honoured to have Eddie Ng, Secretary for Education, visit the Shek Lei Catholic Secondary School to observe our Life Skills Programme in action. Mr Ng joined students in simulation exercises of real life situations involving financial planning and money management. We were very heartened by his observations about the integrated curriculum and his encouragement to expand the Programme to more schools in Hong Kong, hopefully with the support of the Education Bureau.


Student Participants

"I feel parents decide everything for youngsters these days. We don’t know a lot of things, so we may become unclear or confused about our goals, we feel very lost. I feel these kinds of programs teach us how we can pursue our own goals, and how we can plan our own lives."

"To succeed, one must persevere and work hard. Being stereotyped or stereotyping others does not feel good. I learned how to manage my finances. This may be the last lesson, and it’s a pity that there are so few lessons, but I learned a lot that I can’t learn from a book. Lastly, you’re a great instructor."

"In this lesson, I learned how to deal with future challenges and finances. From the first lesson, I gained more clarity about how to set my goals and dreams and how to achieve them rather than just talk about them. And now, I’ve learned how to plan my future."

"Now I look at things from different perspectives. I learned not to stereotype people, how to accomplish my goals with ways and will, how to manage my finances. Also, thank you Miss for teaching these six lessons. I really learned a lot, but I just don’t know how to write it all out."

"I have better understanding about myself and my future after the Programme.  I will be able to make my way plan and contingencies to pursue my future goal and bounce back amidst of adversity.  I have also learned to share my happiness and make other people happy. Nothing is impossible."

"I have learned a lot from the Programme.  Since starting Secondary 3, I was very puzzling about chosing my study major for high school.   After completing the Programme, I am much clearer about my choice and my future.  Thank you very much indeed."



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