Student Workshops

  • Holistic approach, focusing on three areas: healthy relationships and well-being, financial literacy and career/life planning
  • Interactive games and activities
  • Small class size
  • Incorporate/adapt local and overseas best practice, e.g. award-winning Hardy Girls Healthy Women

Extra-curricular Activities

Participating schools can choose from a range of extra-curricular activities to enhance the effectiveness of the student workshops, either as an informal after school club or more formally associated with their OLE’s (“Other Learning Experience”). The activities will be run by TWF staff and subject matter experts from other supporting partners, and will include the following topics:

Healthy relationships and well-being

  • Inspiring talks by successful executives, marginalised teens, rehabilitated offenders and teenage mothers
  • Soft skills training workshops on communication skills and social etiquette

Financial literacy

  • Financial planning and budgeting workshop
  • Praxis (life simulation and financial education board game) workshop

Career/Life planning

  • Career talks and workshops
  • Company visits 
  • An online interactive platform with self-assessments and tool kits to guide student participants in writing a CV and developing their career goal

Parent/Teacher Workshops

Parent/Teacher workshops engage parents into the Life Skills Programme with workshops on positive parenting, positive schooling and positive psychology teachings.

Life Skills Programme

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