This initiative aims to raise awareness in the community about the barriers girls face in pursuing STEM education and related careers.

By taking the pledge, you promise to actively support initiatives and actions that promote gender diversity in STEM*


Suggested actions after taking the Pledge:


  • Raise awareness in the community about the need to encourage girls to pursue STEM education and related careers, and educate them about the specific barriers girls face in pursuing these subjects
  • Regularly discuss the importance and relevance of STEM subjects to everyday life
  • Introduce your children to a gender diverse array of people in your networks that utilise STEM skills in their work or life to help them understand the universal applicability of these subjects
  • Debunk gender stereotypes and discuss the importance of gender diversity across all professions and sectors


  • Encourage all teaching staff to receive gender sensitivity training and  implement in the classroom
  • Promote the importance of careers in STEM to students, making the link between both exciting (and plentiful) career prospects, real world application of these fields, and also the important developments and contributions these types of jobs have the potential to make on society
  • Expose students to gender diverse examples of people in the community that regularly use STEM skills, and help them understand there is no gender difference in STEM abilities
  • Strengthen gender sensitivity among your student body by involving all students in the promotion of gender awareness and collaboration across genders in STEM education

Government & Policymakers

  • Encourage STEM learning materials including female role models and avoid gender stereotypes
  • Encourage initiatives to inspire and develop students’ interest to select STEM-related subjects, especially ICT as DSE subjects, and enhance the status and significance of ICT


  • Promote local female role models with STEM backgrounds and make them available as inspirational speakers for young women and their parents
  • Encourage the media to spotlight a gender diverse slate of role models in advertisements, television, and movies as well as quoted experts and interviewees


  • Review HR hiring, retention and promotion policies and processes to ensure they support and promote gender diversity within the organisation, particularly in STEM-related positions, and commit to cultivating an organisational culture that embraces gender diversity
  • Partner with NGOs and education providers to fund / enhance their STEM programmes with a gender sensitive lens
  • Encourage senior female leaders in STEM to share their career journey and insights with local schools
  • In career fairs and career talks at schools and universities, help students understand the real world application of STEM and how these skills are being used to solve important problems



*STEM is the abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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