TEDxWanChai 2018: Emergence

The Vine, 29 Burrows Street, WanChai, Hong Kong
11.00am - 6.00 p.m.
Saturday, June 2, 2018
Registration Deadline: 1st Jun 2018

TWF is pleased to be a Youth & Diversity programme partner for TEDxWanChai 2018. The theme this year is Emergence, where we will put a spotlight on changes that occur from the ground up. 
TEDxWanChai 2018 will be a unique and inspiring day of talks, performances, videos and debate. They are again bringing together a unique blend of local, regional and global speakers - each hand selected to inspire, inform and provoke.

  • Alane Kosanovich Cahalane, Specialist, Surgeon & Veterinary Pioneer
  • Ashley Galina Dudarenok, Serial Entrepreneur & Female Entrepreneurship Advocate
  • Tom Egerton, Conscientious Bar Manager
  • Jane Engelmann, Musician, Composer & Creative Director
  • Tom Grundy, Founder of Hong Kong Free Press & Journalist
  • Lale Kesebi, CEO Whisperer & Influencer
  • Darius Dzaduagbeko Kokou, Human Rights Advocate
  • Megan Lam, Neuroscience & Psychology Researcher
  • Ramona Pascual, Professional MMA fighter
  • Dennis Philipse, LGBT+ Proponent & Sports Enthusiast
  • Keisha Siriboe, Scholar, Global Student Leader, & Literacy Innovator
  • Saketaram Soussilane, Environmental Entrepreneur

DATE: June 2, 2018
TIMINGS: 11 am - 6pm
VENUE: The Vine, 29 Burrows Street, WanChai, Hong Kong
Consider purchasing a ticket through TEDXWanChai’s new Pay It Forward Scheme, which will enable someone to attend who would otherwise not be able to. Participants in this scheme are beneficiaries of registered NGO partners, of which TWF is one!
For more information on the Scheme, click here.
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